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Prima Lux Blue

If you believe yourself to be a person who at the sight of luxury catches alights, then you will appreciate Prima Lux Blue smoking brand for sure. The name itself attracts the connoisseurs of luxury and the best things. If to decipher this name, then the word “prima” is “excellent, perfect”, and “lux” which means “luxurious”. There is no need to add anything.
 Prima Lux Blue cigarettes was launched in 70's and was represented in the post-soviet countries for the first time ever. At that time it was one of the most sought-after cigarettes, especially by women. This is small surprise because exactly women are the experts of luxurious articles and they knew what to choose. Up to now, Prima Lux Blue cigarettes brand enjoys popularity in CIS countries and more than once was recognized as the smoking brand which combines in itself two important features: high quality and low price.
The responsible for such an extraordinary top-grade smoking quality is German tobacco enterprise “Reemtsma” that is one of the leading tobacco items producers in the whole Europe. Due to first-rate technologies, competent staff, and required ingredients for obtaining prime smoking cigarettes, these fags are incomparable and they do not have prototypes. Their rich flavor, divine aroma and nice smoke you won't confuse. In our online discount cigarettes store there is a wide range of Prima Lux tobacco trademark that is presented also in slim version and at most reduced price:

    * Prima Lux Red
    * Prima Lux Blue
    * Prima Lux Gold
    * Prima Lux Silver
    * Prima Lux Slims Bue
    * Prima Lux Slims Selection N4

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