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Prima Lux

Prima Lux – Your Luxury Cigarettes Brand

  Luxury… There is no man that will like it. Every person wants to have at least a part of it. Someone searches for it in such objects as clothes, houses; other finds it in smoking products. The similar luxury you are able to find in Prima Lux cigarettes. If you are the real connoisseur of luxury and smoking products, you will discern it in Prima Lux tobacco brand without fail. Not without reason this trademark possesses such an interesting name, having heard you associate it with splendor, refinement, aristocratism. As “prima” can stand for “splendid, superb”, while “Lux” is an obvious shortening of the “luxury”. Thus, giving your choice to Prima Lux cigarettes, you will introduce in your life a fleck of luxury and it will become brighter. Being manufactured under direction of German tobacco establishment, Reemtsma company.
   Along its marvelous tasting qualities and excellent aroma, Prima Lux cigarettes have a special feature that differentiates it from the other brands. It is its unique filter that adds to Prima Lux cigarettes an exclusive component that makes their taste cleaner and emphasizes astonishing flavor of selected tobacco. In a word, it converts a simple smoking process into ineffable pleasure.

The number of Prima Lux amateurs grows day-by-day as its assortment:

    * Prima Lux Red
    * Prima Lux Blue
    * Prima Lux Gold
    * Prima Lux Silver

There are slim types as well:

    * Prima Lux Slims Blue
    * Prima Lux Slims Selection N4

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