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101 mm
Cigaronne Exclusive Slims Lights

    As the name implies Cigaronne Exclusive Slims Lights Cigarettes is the highest quality product available in modern market made from specially developed exclusive materials. The American blend used in Cigaronne Exclusive Slims Lights cigarettes consists of 12 types of selected fine quality tobaccos. White coated tipping paper with special additives keeps it from getting wet and furthers its quick extinguishment, which makes smoking more aesthetic and pleasant.
Cigaronne Exclusive Slims Lights is 101 mm long consisting of 70 mm exclusive smoking part and 31 mm of unique filter. Cigaronne Cigarettes - a brand of discount cigarettes getting more and more popular; produced by SPS Cigaronne Co Ltd. Established in 1999, the company made a revolutionary step in the world tobacco industry creating premium kind of smoking product: unique hard filter holder cigarettes with Cigaronne Cigarettes brand name.
    Cigaronne Tobacco Company in creating this smoking product was very attentive to every detail, beginning with its filter till its additives. This cigarette brand hasn't yet had any analogy among tobacco products. This brand is exclusive in everything: feature, design and taste.

 In order to comprehend its real naturalness it is essential to experience these sublime cigarettes. Cigaronne Exclusive Slims Lights Cigarettes have already become famous on the European tobacco market due to their exclusive high quality. They are exported to 30 countries. It's a matter of time when Cigaronne Exclusive Slims Lights Cigarettes will be available in most countries of the world.

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