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George Karelias & Sons Smother Taste

George Karelias And Sons Smother Taste Cigarettes for those who like variety!

   George Karelias And Sons Smother Taste cigarettes are produced in Greece, short (70 mm) or king size (85 mm), wide flat hard box , 20 cigarettes in a pack.  George Karelias And Sons Smother Taste is popular in Greece, Britain, Eastern Europe. Karelia tobacco company is located in Kalamata, Greece and has 0,33 Global market share it's almost in every country worldwide. It's a family run company, the biggest independent in the Western world. George Karelias And Sons Smother Taste- a brand manufactured by the Karelia Tobacco Factory, a leading cigarette manufacturer and exporter, which created some of the most recognized brands in the world. George Karelias And Sons Smother Taste is a cigarette brand of the supreme price segment; it is produced with use of natural tobacco without chemical additives. Today, George Karelias And Sons Smother Taste insist on the highest standard of quality, assured by excellent aroma and perfect taste properties. The lower nicotine levels are caused by the design of the filter.

  Growing numbers of consumers seeking life's finest pleasures are discovering George Karelias And Sons Smother Taste exclusive quality and unmatched flavor. Relying on the skills and experience of generations, George Karelias And Sons Smother Taste guarantees the highest standard of quality. Every detail that Karelia introduced in composition of this smoking tobacco raises it to status of exclusive and unrepeatable. If you are looking for that is created specially for You, that is made with great care and excellence then you will find it in the world of George Karelias And Sons Smother Taste cigarettes brand. These are really exclusive cigarettes you can please yourself with every day or just when you like it. George Karelias And Sons Smother Taste cigarettes are presented in several taste versions of a different degree of strength. They also possess an irresistible bouquet of tobacco flavor. You have a choice of it: George Karelia And Sons (Filter), George Karelias And Sons Smother Taste(Lights). George Karelias And Sons cigarettes are one of the newest premium cigarettes offered by the Karelia Tobacco Company, Inc. G. Karelias are produced in the southern most city in the country of Europe, Kallarnata, Greece, these the Karelia line of cigarettes are some of the finest in the market. The company boasts the privilege of being the largest in Greece and one of the finest manufactures in the world.

  Karelia Tobacco Company was born in 1888 as a family business and has since expanded into the world leader it is today making the company one of the most profitable in the tobacco industry. It is still overseen by members of the Karelias family who are very proud to be carrying on the family heritage of fine tobacco production. The company prides itself on its state of the art production facilities and the use of the finest tobacco blends available. Karelia Tobacco Company distributes its products in over 60 countries worldwide. They are also sold online by several Internet retailers who are happy to have them delivered right to your front door, a convenience that many people who lead busy lives have come to really appreciate. Most of the company's current tobacco distribution is in Greece and the rest of Europe but its market shares are steadily growing in Africa, Pacific, Asia, and in the Americas. The George Karelias line is the epitome of the masculine cigarette. It comes in the standard 85mm, 20 cigarette, King sized box. This filtered cigarette has a masculine style of packaging. It is a wide flat split box that just looks like a man. Everything about this brand of cigarettes is about the male smoker who is looking for a very manly and dominate cigarette starting with the outside of the box to the cigarettes inside. George Karelias and Sons cigarettes come in the classic strength as wells as a light variety for those smokers who prefer a lighter tasting cigarette.

  The classic box is a darker gold color that reminds one of the old fashion cigar boxes. The lights feature a box with the same classic design but, with a white background. The top of the box also has an antique look to it. The design of the packaging for these cigarettes is just plain elegant. It brings one back to the nostalgic days when life was so much simpler. These premium cigarettes are perfect for a man to relax with after a long hard day.

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