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Temp Gold

Temp Gold cigarettes – everything you need from a cigarette!

  Temp Gold Cigarettes brand initially saw the world back in 1983, and since then, has become one of the most popular cigarettes in tobacco market. Temp Gold Cigarettes as well enjoys a huge popularity in neighboring countries, being a proud member of top-ten best selling cigarettes brands for several years in row.
 During the production of Temp Gold cigarettes, the manufacturer has used American cigarette-makers' technology of preparing tobacco, its processing, and blending with aromatizing agents which were elaborated by leading companies in this field.

  The experience and high-level professional skills of TUTUN-CTC experts together with the latest innovations in the tobacco production technology as well as usage of a wide range of different sorts of premium quality tobacco of oriental, American and local origin, allowed to create a cigarette with a delicate and charming aroma and mid-strength flavor. Temp brand assortment includes four different varieties: Temp, Temp Gold and Temp Silver. Temp Gold cigarettes are considered to be the most successful variety from Temp brand portfolio, from both the point of view of quality and demand. These cigarettes were made with the participation of the Swiss company P. Lehmann Consulting experts. Temp Gold Cigarettes are related to American Blend type and correspond with European standards concerning the content of harmful substances in the tobacco smoke.

  Temp Gold Cigarettes provides rich and intense taste and bold aroma which decorates the smoking process.
Temp Gold and Temp Cigarettes were launched in 2007 and became hugely popular shortly after their introduction. The tobacco formula and ingredients for these cigarettes were selected by Hertz Flavors Co, leading European company in that field, which is well-known among major tobacconists. Each cigarette contains more than 25 sorts of elite quality tobacco, which guarantee satisfaction and pleasure from the very first puff. The manufacturers used natural aromatizing agents with nut, vanilla, chocolate and prunes smells, to provide smokers with thrilling sensations from smoking a single cigarette. So, put off your doubts and select your Temp Gold cigarettes and you will never be disappointed.

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