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OK Slims Black

OK Slims Black Cigarettes – Color of Your Life!
Today we would like to offer you an opportunity to learn more about our newest product – OK Cigarettes. OK Slims Black brand was launched to the market in 2008 by Cigaronne Ltd, a well-known cigarette company, which gained its international fame with flagship brands Cigaronne and Lady. OK Slims Black Cigarettes are made from several sorts of premium quality tobacco including Burley, Oriental, and Virginia, as the company’s experts spent almost five years to develop a genuine tobacco formula for these cigs.
    The manufacturer applied the latest technologies, also used by British American Tobacco and other international tobacco moguls, to process the tobacco and blend it with the natural aromatizing agents in order to create a bolder taste for OK Slims Black smokes. Cigaronne Ltd also developed one-of-its-kind filters, produced from coconut shell and used an especial wrapping paper with high air permeability characteristics in order to reduce the penetration of harmful chemicals into the body to dramatically low levels. The exclusive tobacco formula of OK Slims Black cigarettes provides a delicate, yet, sophisticated aroma based on vanilla, sweet and spicy notes which completely fascinate even inveterate smokers. OK Slims Black cigarettes were introduced only a year ago, however, according to reports, sales reached 5 billion cigarettes in 2008, and are expected to double this year. And that is the most reliable evidence proving that OK Slims Black cigarettes are of a truly superb quality, refined taste and pleasant price. So, if you decide to try these cigarettes, all you have to do is visit our online cigarette shop and order OK Slims Black cigarettes at a the best price ever.

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